Class of 1993 Raises the Bar with a US$1.25 Million Contribution to IIT Madras


Class of 1993 Raises the Bar with a US$1.25 Million Contribution to IIT Madras

In 2018, during their Silver Reunion at IIT Madras, 126 alumni from the class of 1993 came together with a desire to give back to the institution that had played a pivotal role in their personal and professional growth. The event garnered numerous pledges, and between 2018 and 2023, the '93 batch contributed a remarkable $1.25 million to IIT Madras, a majority of which came from the US alumni through the IIT Madras Foundation (IITMF), a US-based 501(c)3 organization run by highly successful IITM alumni.

IIT Madras has been diligently utilizing the funds to ensure maximum impact. The contributions are allocated to various causes, including Merit Cum Means scholarships, the Student Distress Fund, the Student Wellness Center, Women Leading IITM, the COVID-19 IITM Employee Distress Fund, and several sponsored chairs. This report provides detailed information on the specific initiatives supported. The transformative efforts of the class of '93 have yielded the following notable outcomes:

  • 1,329 students have received Merit Cum Means scholarships.
  • 75 recipients have benefited from the Women Leading IITM endowment.
  • Two newly joined faculty members have received initiation grants through the contributions of the '93 batch.
  • The Wellness Community Center organized a range of programs that reached over 8,000 students in 2022-2023.

Reflecting on the impact, Rohini Chakravarthy, the Coordinator for the class of '93 and an IITMF Board member, remarked, "During our time at IITM, government funding primarily supported the institution. However, the landscape has evolved significantly since then, with alumni contributions and endowments now playing a substantial role in IITM's budget. I'm delighted to witness the substantial impact our batch has made."

IITMF has proven to be an excellent conduit for the majority of the contributions. It was established as a US-based non-profit organization with the mission of raising a US $100 million endowment to propel IIT Madras as a world-class research institution and a globally recognized top 50 institute. To-date the foundation has raised close to US$30 million towards the target. The charter of IITMF includes three core objectives: (1) raising the endowment, (2) professional management of the endowment for growth, and (3) collaborating with IITM to ensure funds are deployed according to donors' intentions while providing transparency.

"The class of '93 has set a new benchmark for alumni giving, and we are deeply honored to have been the recipients of your generosity," expressed Prof. Mahesh Panchagnula, the Dean of Alumni and Corporate Relations. "With your continued support, IIT Madras will reach new heights." Dean Mahesh extended an invitation on behalf of IIT Madras, inviting the class of '93 to the 30th Pearl Reunion, scheduled to take place on December 27th and 28th, 2023.

We eagerly anticipate your presence at the 30th reunion as we celebrate the impact made. To learn more about IITMF and how you can contribute, please visit

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