About Us

Time may have passed, but we can clearly recall when we were IIT Madras students ourselves. Our time within those hallowed halls shaped us into the professionals we are today. From walking through Gajendra Circle to becoming executives in our field, we take the lessons from Chennai to the United States.

The IIT Madras Foundation is our way of helping grow the next generation of business leaders and entrepreneurs. While donating directly to the university isn't possible today, the Foundation allows American alumni like you to support homegrown talent at IITM. With your gift, you unite past, present and future IITM graduates under the vision of driving innovation and change.

About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to raise a $100 million in endowment to continue propelling IIT Madras as a world-class research institution and Global Top 50 Institute.

For over 60 years, IIT Madras has transformed the lives of thousands of students like yours. With your help, we can give back to our roots and support those who now walk in our footsteps.

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The IIT Madras 2021-27 Strategic Plan

What if IIT Madras could make an even bigger impact in the world?

2021-27 Strategic Plan

The 2021-2027 Strategic Plan is IITM's response to that very question. The heart of this initiative is to inspire national and global excellence through programs that uplift our whole community. In true IITM spirit, students, staff and faculty came together to choose these goals. With your help, we can position IITM as one of the most innovative institutions in the world.

Though our years at IIT Madras may be behind us, we can make a difference for those that follow. Our team is passionate about involving alumni and corporate partners to make this vision a reality. We are confident that when we share the fruits of our success, we can build on IITM's legacy of excellence.

Meet The Team

The foundation's leaders are alumni volunteers dedicated to serving our alma mater. They believe in the power of education to transform lives, as IIT Madras has done for them.

Board Members

Girish Muckai, President

Girish Muckai


Kamal Duggirala, Chairman

Kamal Duggirala


Rohini Chakravarthy, null

Rohini Chakravarthy

GDS Ramkumar, null

GDS Ramkumar

Bala Iyer, null

Bala Iyer

Kannan Govindarajan, null

Kannan Govindarajan

Mahesh Panchagnula, null

Mahesh Panchagnula

Marti G. Subrahmanyam, null

Marti G. Subrahmanyam

Raghu Rengaswamy, null

Raghu Rengaswamy

Raghu Sugavanam, null

Raghu Sugavanam

Ramanathan V. Guha, null

Ramanathan V. Guha

Durga Malladi, null

Durga Malladi

Emeritus Board Members

Vijay Ullal, Chairman Emeritus

Vijay Ullal

Chairman Emeritus

Seshan Rammohan, President Emeritus

Seshan Rammohan

President Emeritus

Ashok Santhanam, Board Member Emeritus

Ashok Santhanam

Board Member Emeritus

Kittu Kolluri, Board Member Emeritus

Kittu Kolluri

Board Member Emeritus

Sundi Sundaresh, Board Member Emeritus

Sundi Sundaresh

Board Member Emeritus

Officers & National Gifts Committee

Girish Muckai, President

Girish Muckai


Ganesan Balakrishnan (GB), Chief Financial Officer

Ganesan Balakrishnan (GB)

Chief Financial Officer

Sunil Menon, VP of Marketing

Sunil Menon

VP of Marketing

Diwakar Vishakhadatta, Corporate Secretary

Diwakar Vishakhadatta

Corporate Secretary

Andrea Monaghan, Executive Assistant & Development Associate

Andrea Monaghan

Executive Assistant & Development Associate

GDS Ramkumar, null

GDS Ramkumar


Praveen Joseph, null

Praveen Joseph

Satyashree Srikanth, null

Satyashree Srikanth

Sravan Desikan, null

Sravan Desikan

Suvinay Subramanian, null

Suvinay Subramanian

Vijay Vusirikala, null

Vijay Vusirikala

Investment Committee

Kumar Doraiswami, null

Kumar Doraiswami

George Koshy, null

George Koshy

Neela Gollapudi, null

Neela Gollapudi

Shankar Nagarajan, null

Shankar Nagarajan

Vasanth Victor, null

Vasanth Victor

Srinivas Thiruvadanthai, null

Srinivas Thiruvadanthai

An Endowment Devoted to Evolution

In 2016, we established this endowment to support the future generations of IIT Madras. Our experienced volunteer team ensures that every penny of your gift is devoted to the causes you care about most.

Governance & Control

The Foundation's Board of Directors have the ultimate fiduciary responsibility for managing the Endowment funds. The Board makes investment decisions on the recommendation of their Investment Committee (IC), a group consisting of volunteers with deep experience in asset management and financial markets. All investments are managed by third-party managers and are custodied in the name of IITMF at reputable financial institutions. These investments are subject to an annual audit by a professional accounting firm.

Investment Policy

The Board of Directors have approved the Investment Policy which can be found here. It follows applicable laws of California, IRS rules and the best practices as per UPMIFA guidelines. Currently, most of the funds are invested in passive mutual funds or ETFs.

Investment Philosophy

To sustain lasting generosity, the Foundation has a conservative investment philosophy. We apply a disciplined investment process with deep research, thoughtful asset allocations and cost-effective execution of investments. The management of the Endowment is expected to be more strategic than tactical, while striking a balance between the return objectives and liquidity needs of the Foundation and IIT Madras. Risk management is an essential component of the investing program, and the IC strives to manage various types of market, credit, and operational risks that affect the portfolio.

Friends of the IIT Madras Foundation

Meet our partner organizations who work closely with us.

IIT Madras Alumni Association of North America (IITMAANA)

From Srinath Chigullapalli, new President

IIT Madras alumni association of North America (IITMAANA) is the umbrella organization of all IITM alumni in USA, Canada and Mexico. We focus on connecting alumni, helping them collaborate to provide benefits rewarding to all, which contributes to the growth of IITMAANA and to IIT Madras as a beacon of excellence in education and research around the world.

To know more about IITMAANA, please visit: https://iitmaana.nationbuilder.com

IIT Madras Alumni Association (IITMAA)

From Nishani Manohar, Executive Director

IIT Madras Alumni Association was founded in December 1964, after the graduation of its very first batch in July’64. The primary mission of IITMAA is to connect and engage the alumni with their fellow alumni, institute, and students on the campus through various activities among all the stakeholders- to generate impact through several social and academic projects for collective growth. We represent about 53,000 plus IITM alumni in various chapters spread across the globe, joining hands to make IIT Madras a world-class institution. It is a one stop link to all alumni needs of IIT Madras.

The three pillars of focus for the IIT Madras Alumni Association are: Kindle Community Spirit, Provide Thought Leadership and Deliver Societal Impact.

To know more about IITMAA, please visit www.iitmaa.org.

Canadian Friends of IITM (CF IITM)

From Swarnali Choudhury, Director

The Canadian Friends of IITM (CF IITM) was officially launched in September 2018 with key objectives of delivering financial assistance to students in need, providing scholarships and bursaries, bolstering educational projects and extending health care support to students afflicted with life-threatening diseases. It is incorporated in Canada and has been granted Charitable Status by Canada Revenue Agency regarding contributions from Canadian donors.

In just four years, CF IITM has grown from strength to strength and established itself as a profound charitable organization interlinking IIT Madras with Canadian Alumni.

At CF IITM, we see our role as twofold:

  1. Create potential collaborations between the organizations IITM alumni run, lead or work for and IIT Madras. Collaborations could be either in research, incubation of startups, or any other arena where you see potential synergies between what your organization needs and what IITM has to offer.
  2. Enable IIT Madras to build its corpus by successfully tapping into its alumni base in Canada.


Generosity that fuels change

Leave a legacy that elevates the future generations of IIT Madras.

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